The Beaver group is made up of girls and boys aged between 6 and 8. Beaver scouts meet once a week where they play team games and learn Scouting skills such as hiking, camping, knots, first aid, cooking and much more.


Cub Scouts aged between 9 and 11 meet once a week to take part in activites that will build upon what they have learned in the Beaver group. The activities are all geared to allow each Cub to develop in the areas of Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional & Spiritual growth according to their own abilities and particular interests.


Scouts are girls and boys aged 12-15. At this stage Scouts are more responsible for what activities they take part in. The are involved in the planning and exectution of such activities. It is this level of involvement that gives the Scouter the ability to deal with larger issues later in life. Scouts at this age group also take part in organising events for the younger age groups.

What We're All About

The Aim of Scouting Ireland is to encourage the physical, intellectual, character, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they may achieve their full potential and, as responsible citizens, to improve society. We at the 6th Laois Mountrath Scout Group have been doing this for over 30 years now. We have seen kids come and go over that time and watched them flourish and grow into strong, well grounded adults. Getting youngsters involved in outdoor adventures and challenges helps them to achieve these aims and have fun. While enjoying themselves outdoors they will make strong friendships, volunteer in their community, learn adventure skills, travel, become leaders and team-members, and appreciate the importance of our outdoor environment.


Scouting builds character and leadership qualities that will be an asset to your child in the future.


A friend made in scouts is a friend for life.


Scouting means your child becomes and active member of the community.

Meet the Leaders!

The dedicated people that make it all possible

Mark Robertson

Scout Section Leader & Group Leader
6 or 7 years ago I started as a Beavers leader with Camross Scout Group, then moved to Cubs and Scouts, and moved to Mountrath a few years back. Like every other parent, I used to drop my kid at the door and pick them up after. I could see she was having lots of fun, then I heard that the kids didn't take part in the St Patrick's Day parade because they were short of leaders. I jumped in to help, and discovered that I loved it too! So many memorable times in Scouts, I've slept in a hammock, carved my own spoon, lit dozens of fires, skiied in Scotland, slept in a log cabin, learned to tie my laces better. Still haven't drank my own urine though!! I love to see people try new things, overcome fears and have fun while they're doing it. (That goes for adults as well as youth!)

Siobhan Fenelly

Cub Section Leader & Deputy Group Leader
I have been a leader for the past 6 years. I love outdoor activities, there is something really nice about cooking on an outdoor fire. I joined when my oldest joined the group. My other 2 children are now members and are really enjoying it. Within the last 6 years I have made great friendships both within the group and with members of surrounding groups. I have learned so much in those years, Scouting has helped me boost my confidence big time!

Yvonne Beere Byrne

Leader 6th Laois Mountrath
I have been in involved with Mountrath Scouts since 2008. The group were short of leaders when my daughter was just joining, so as I was in Scouts as a child I knew I wanted to help!! It has been one of the best moves I have made, as I am originally from Abbeyleix, this helped me to get to know so many more people in the community. And I just love the Beaver Section, seeing the kids coming in so shy , and knowing that you are helping these kids with so many skills not just Scouting, but enhancing their confidence, self esteem, independence and much more!! Scouting to me is giving your child a taste of the life we had when we were kids , no phones, electronic games, freedom awareness and respect for the world around them,and life skills!! This they recieve through the training we give them with our one programme, along with a wide spectrum of Scouting skills. My 3 kids have been in scouts and as both a leader and parent something I highly recommend!!

Paul Byrne

Leader 6th Laois Mountrath
I have been a leader for the last 5 years. I was a scout member from the age of 10 until 21. I became a leader in 2012 when my children got involved. I think Scouting is a great way of meeting people and challenging yourself. There is always something new to learn and a better way of doing things.

Karen Towey

Beavers Section leader
I got involved with Scouting 3 years ago when my son joined the Cubs section. I enjoy camping, getting outdoors with Beavers and showing them different skills, and watching their progress. They learn so much, practical skills, hobbies, respect, kindness and loyalalty. I find I am also rewarded, I enjoy being part of a team, and the comradery. I love the adventure!

Mai Dunne

Leader 6th Laois Mountrath
I joined in 2003 as a Cub Leader. In 2007 I became Group Leader and held the post for 10 years. All my children were scouts when they were small and although they have all left now I am still here. I love the adventure and the knowledge Scouting can give you. Its great to see the kids progress and watch as their own little personality comes through. Most of my friends were made through Scouting and even though they come and go you always remain a Scouting friend.

David Dunne

Leader 6th Laois Mountrath
I progressivly became more involved with Scouting since my son joined 2 years ago. I have only recently started taking a more active role as a Leader. I love being outdoors with the kids, they really do teach you a lot about yourself and you get to see them flourish from small kids to young adults.

What The Kids Say About Us?

Josh Dunne

I really enjoy Kayaking and air activities. The leaders are very kind, they teach me to look at problems in a different way. I love that Scouts get to make decisions about how the group is run.

Nathan Lam

The things I like about Scouts is we get to go places like ice skating and go camping. I make friends at scouts. I get to go on the river in kayaks.


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Beaver Hike 2017

Pausing to give the adults a break!

  • Nov 2017
Taking a break Wicklow 2018

On the trail in Wicklow Mountains

  • May 2018
Arderin peak full pack hike

Scout on Arderin peak

  • Sep 2018
On the climb!

On The Ascent

  • Nov 18 2017
Scenery from Wicklow Mountains

Wiclow Mountains Scenery

  • May 2018
On the Falls at Glenbarrow

On The Falls

  • Nov 2017
Arderin peak full pack hike

Scout on Arderin peak

  • Sep 2018
Scout sitting on top of peak

Chillin at the top

  • May 2018
Arderin peak full pack hike

Scouts on Arderin peak

  • Sep 2018


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